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Our complex

Tibi, Alicante
A happy dream you must know

This is Casa Alegre

Comfort and a fantastic weather in the middle of the mountains, close to Alicante.

We have duplex rooms for up to 16 people, one of them with a private terrace; one shared room for up to 5 people, 7 fully equipped bathrooms, kitchen, dining hall, two spacious working areas of 45 m2 and 50 m2 each, reading hall, beautiful gardens and a patio. All areas have been exquisitely renovated to keep the rural look of the original house, but with all the modern amenities needed for maximum comfortability, such as a central heating and WiFi.

Regarding the geographical location, Casa Alegre is located in Tibi, a small mountain town located between the Maigmó and Peña Mitjorn. It is famous for having the oldest still functioning dam in Europe, and for being a favourite destination for trekking lovers, with trekking routes that skirt the Rio Verde o Monnegre.

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