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Casa Alegre

A house full of charm, with more than 200 years of history that have moulded it into a living space where you will find wellness, personal development, meditation and introspection, giving you the time and means to find yourself.

Casa Alegre is situated in Tibi (Alicante), a complex of more than 700 m2 that is surrounded by nature. The perfect location for both professionals and individuals to have the retreat you always wanted, be it a day, a weekend, a full week, or any other length of time you consider appropriate.

The complex is available for groups and has been recently renovated by the owner, Ernesto Obrador Gil, maintaining the charm and energy of the original house and with plenty of space for up to 20 people.

Welcome to this happy dream, welcome to Casa Alegre.

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Casa Alegre is comfortably situated in the middle of the mountains, with a fantastic weather and only 25 minutes away from Alicante and the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean coastline.

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Upcoming Events

  • Chaminismo de María Lionza

    Durante el último trimestre del año, Casa Alegre recibe a Gregoria del Carmen, reconocida chamana que llevará a cabo varias embajadas o sesiones, siempre con previa cita, en...
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  • Meditación con Juana Murat

    La meditación es una disciplina que entrena la mente para crear serenidad y bienestar. Cuando se progresa en el entrenamiento se accede a niveles de la mente creativa,...
    Read More
  • Retiro Ashtanga Yoga

    Viernes 13 al domingo 15 de octubre de 2017. Para todos los yoguis, llega este retiro de Ashtanga Yoga con Susana Martínez, encaminado a todas las personas que quieran...
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  • Spiritual Retreat

    July 28th to 30th. Intensivo de 2 días con Juana López Murat, con alojamiento completo en nuestras instalaciones de Tibi (Alicante). Un retiro espiritual en el que realizaremos...
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  • The Miracle, retreat with Oscar Adiv

    Intensive retreat based on the knowledge of A Course in Miracles with Oscar Adiv Amdan. This event will happen at the same day that Casa Alegre will be inaugurated. The...
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  • Shuddhanam con Rama

    Del 21 al 23 de julio. Intensivo de 2 días con Rodrigo Joaquín del Pino “Rama”, con posibilidad de alojamiento en nuestras instalaciones de Tibi (Alicante). Shuddhanam es un...
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